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VISTA Quest uses the combined experience, insight, and knowledge of State Superintendents of the year to help shorten the gap between K-12 and higher education institutions. We want to help students be prepared for college as soon as they graduate.
In addition to educational institutions, we provide our services to government agencies, private companies, and international entities. We offer assistance for a wide range of processes, including security, job tracking, and leadership.


VISTA Quest offers a wide scope of services, from superintendent mentorship, leadership improvement and  crisis management. With our help, your educational institution will benefit from rapidly increasing academic performance.
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About Us

VISTA Quest, is an education consulting business that offers its services to state school districts and state commissioners throughout the nation and internationally. Our company is comprised of former State Superintendents of the Year from around the United States.

Meet Our Founder & President

John Barry is a former Superintendent of Aurora Public Schools, where he served for seven years from 2006 to 2013. Before returning to Colorado, he was in the Air Force for more than 30 years as a combat veteran, fighter pilot, USAF “Top Gun” graduate, and more. He retired in 2004 as a 2-Star Major General, and he served his last tour on active duty as Board Member and Executive Director for the Space Shuttle Columbia Accident Investigation.

Mr. Barry is an honor graduate of the USAF Academy with a double major in international affairs and political science. He received his master's degree in public administration from Oklahoma University. Mr. Barry was recognized as one of the top 10 Tech Savvy Superintendents in the Nation by eSchool News in 2008, Colorado Superintendent of Year in 2011 and Colorado Communicator of the Year in 2013.

Meet Our CEO

Mark Brown is a recently retired Air Force Major General (Two Star) with over 32 years of service to the nation. His last years in the Air Force were focused on education, training, and development. His last assignment was as the Deputy Commander of Air Education and Training Command. His command included educational and training institutions around the U.S, Europe, and the Pacific. They awarded degrees at the Master and Doctoral levels. They operated fully accredited colleges and universities with the same requirements and staff as higher education providers in civil society. He also led technical training for over 83 percent of Air Force personnel. During his time, his teams successfully implemented key 21st Century Competency Based Learning techniques such as “Flip the Classroom,” “Virtual Classroom,” “Blended Learning,” “Blackboard as a Student Management System,” as well as other Competency Based Education approaches. Brown also served as an Air Force CFO with a portfolio exceeding $60 billion dollars.

The General is a 1986 graduate of Tuskegee University with a Bachelor Degree in Accounting, 1992 graduate of Troy State University with a Master of Public Administration, 2001 graduate of Air Command and Staff College with a Master in Strategic Studies, 2005 graduate of the National War College with a Masters in National Security Strategy, and a 2011 Broad Academy Graduate (Graduate level preparation for future Urban School Superintendents). He has also done Executive Education at The Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, Center for Executive Education at the University of Tennessee, and Senior Executives in National and International Security, Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University.

Two Generals Team Up to Prepare Schools for Crisis Management

Police and Couple

Crisis management and prevention is a vital component of any comprehensive school safety plan. The VISTA Quest Team, General’s Barry and Brown, have well over 3 decades of real world experience in preparing and recovering from natural and man-made crisis.  The depth of their collective firsthand experiences range from both being a part of the 911 attacks on the Pentagon, the horrific theater shootings in Aurora, and the devastating impacts of hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods.

They have teamed together to transform their experience into a ready to use training program for school districts around the country.

School District Crisis Management

VISTA Quest regrettably acknowledges that a school crisis can occur at any time.  In fact, it is unlikely in our current environment that any school will escape the necessity of responding to a significant crisis. The crisis can impact your entire district, a single school, a supporting community or, as the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks demonstrated, the entire nation.

The reality today requires educational leaders to have skill sets in crisis management. For example, during John Barry’s time as Aurora Superintendent in Colorado he and Mark Brown’s command tours, they experienced active shooters, fires and floods.  The question for School District leaders is not if but when. 

School districts are key players in helping communities to respond and recover from these man-made and natural disasters. It takes more than a plan on a shelf or hiring one security person-it takes a team that is experienced and practiced. Develop/Enhance your incident response team to ensure they are capable of handling emergency management at a district or school level.

Our materials and on-site training are designed to be proactive, provide prevention suggestions, samples, and information. To this end, we’ve designed an easy to use training program that involves mitigation and prevention, preparedness, response, planning, and response.   We invite you to work with proven experts on preparing for natural and man-made crises. Our materials and training will help you do these specific things:

  1. Establish your School Incident Response Team (IRT)
    • Set up an IRT Command Center.
    • Establish recall procedures for members of the IRT.
    • Use technology to manage communications with school district buildings, police, and fire department.
    • Use check lists for each member of the IRT.
  2. Preparedness
    • Establish full scale exercises and table-top exercises at the district and school level.
    • How to develop a command and control system with Incident Response Teams (IRT.)
    • How to plan and utilize school district transportation participation in IRT.
    • Survey your facilities for the adequacy of maps and the location of utility shutoffs.
    • Inventory equipment that is required to respond to a crisis.
  3. Response
    • Partnership with municipal organizations: Police Department, Fire Department, Emergency Response
    • Review methodology for testing the system in conjunction with local responders.
    • Establish procedures for communicating with parents, faculty, and other stakeholders.
    • Establish what information needs to be communicated to staff, students, families, and the community.
    • Test first aid administration.
  4. Recovery
    • Review staff ability to assess how students are monitored for the emotional impact of the crisis.
    • Identify what social services and interventions are available to students, staff, and first responders.
    • Review procedures for capturing “lessons learned" and the continuum of training and learning.

The time to get started is now. Contact us so that we might team in your Districts’ preparation.


JOHN BARRY, Major General, USAF (Ret)
Founder and President, VISTA Quest, LLC
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