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As an education consulting business, the primary focus of Aurora, Colorado's VISTA Quest is on educational institutions. However, we also work with government agencies and other organizations.

Targeted Market & Customers

Our customers can be from the United States or based internationally. We work with organizations that are interested in educational reformist insights into meeting the challenges of security, collaborating with public and private organizations, and adapting technology to enhance competitive educational realities from a global perspective.
Additionally, customers can be government agencies, private companies, and organized affiliations that have to deal with educational transformations. Our company is dedicated to helping those organizations concerned with education.


VISTA Quest consulting is part of the K-12 and higher education consulting industry. Our company works with both large and small K-12 school districts, community colleges and four-year higher education universities. Consulting firms structured like ours also have a history of working with local, state, and federal government agencies and can include international clients.

Detailed Description of Customers

The target customers for Vista Quest LLC are elementary, middle, and high school principals, school-district superintendents, and presidents of colleges and universities. Targeted groups are primarily educational "CEOs" with 500 employees who want to increase student achievements, close achievement gaps, increase productivity, and reduce overhead costs.

We Specialize in:

• School Security
• Office Processes
• Production
• Getting the Most out of Meetings
• Financial Best Practices
• Hiring Best Practices
• Leadership
• Job Tracking
• Consulting Executives on School Concurrent Education
We fulfill these and other needs relevant to potential customers who serve in management roles within small or large organizations. We especially focus on helping those who are bogged down by processes, bureaucracy, or technical experts with little leadership experience. VISTA Quest capitalizes on opportunities that are geographically close to our home and will specifically target school executives within the K-12 and community college arenas. 


Contact us in Alexandria, Virginia, to learn more about how our services help educational institutions and government agencies.

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